Episode 12: Saz & Jen on recruiting Women

March 27th, 2013

jen_saz.jpgThis episode was recorded on Mothers day in the UK and international Womens day has just happened. I mention this because in this episode we are talking about Womens Ultimate; and specifically about recruiting and keeping female players.

I have the great pleasure of welcoming Saz and Jen from Nice Bristols - one of the largest and most consistently successful womens clubs in the UK.

Links mentioned in this show:

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Episode 11: Wayne & Alize on Spirit

March 20th, 2013

Alize and WayneToday we are talking about rule number 1 - Spirit of the Game. I have the great honour of speaking to Wayne Davey & Alize 'Bob' Clough from the UK Ultimate Spirit of The Game committee.

We talk about the purpose and role of the UK Ultimate SOTG committee, some of the things they are introducing as well as the international picture and the WFDF Spirit Committee.

“The integrity of Ultimate depends on each player's responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the Game, and this responsibility should remain paramount."

Links mentioned in this show:

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Episode 10: Jools Murray on Strength & Conditioning

March 13th, 2013

joolsthrow.jpgIn episode 10 I have the great pleasure of speaking to Jools Murray. Jools started playing Ultimate in 2002 and has played with many club and GB teams since.

Jools studied S&C at Bath and is currently doing a Masters in Strength & Conditioning and working with England Institute of Sport.

We discuss strength and conditioning for Ultimate, both to minimise injury and maximise performance.

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Episode 9: Felix Shardlow on living the Ultimate Life

March 6th, 2013

Felix ShardlowThis episode is with Felix Shardlow, he talks about living a life focused around Ultimate with income from coaching and his video production company, Push Pass.

Felix was a founding father of Brighton Ultimate in 2004, part of the team that won mixed Euros in 2009, played for Clapham (open nationals gold, euros silver) and GB Open (euros silver) in 2011. He also coached the Mohawks team that won Uni open and women's nationals in both 2011 and 2012.

Here are two of the links mentioned in this episode: riseupultimate.com and Ultimate Techniques and Tactics book.

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