Episode 16: Mark Early from UltimateInterviews.com

April 24th, 2013

Mark EarlyFor this show I've finally managed to corner the ever busy Mark Earley. Mark is the dynamic force behind ultimateinterviews.com and has been an integral part of the Irish Ultimate scene for many years.

This is a fascinating episode, Mark reveals the huge amount of energy and time that he puts into making Ultimate Interviews the amazing site that it is. He also mentions some of the interviews that have had the most impact for him personally.

We then discuss some of his many other Ultimate related commitments; including as a player and coach!

Links for this show:

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Episode 15: Ultimate Rob

April 17th, 2013

UltimateRob.jpgThis episode I have the huge pleasure of welcoming "Ultimate Rob" on to the show. I'm really excited about this interview and I hope you find it interesting too.

Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor living in Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate frisbee, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 9 World Records (which includes 2 Guinness World Records) and has won 3 World Championships. Rob founded ultimaterob.com in 2009.

Listen out for a UTalkRaw exclusive scoop in this episode!  We are delighted to have Rob share some news with UTalkRaw before anyone else...

Links mentioned in this show:

PS: Visit http://www.ultimaterobstore.com if you need a clue on Robs announcement!

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Episode 14: 8 easy tips to be a better coach, with Felix

April 10th, 2013

Felix ShardlowThis episode is a little different. I have invited Felix Shardlow back on the show and we discuss 8 simple things that will make you a better Ultimate coach.

For our purposes a "coach" is anyone who organises or runs training sessions for an Ultimate team or club of any level; you could be the captain, training coordinator, team coach or just the guy or gal who gets landed with the job of running training.

Now many of you will (or indeed should) be familiar with advice such as plan-do-review or attended coaching courses so we will not be discussing much of that; we have assumed you are already planning your training sessions, writing things down and so on. Instead we have tried to identify some of those little tips and tricks which are easy to implement and could have a huge impact on your coaching!

I hope that if you are a coach that you will find it fun and interesting. Please do get in touch if you think we have missed something vital or if you disagree with anything we say!

PS If you haven't yet listened to episode 9 where Felix explains how he combines coaching, videos, events and playing to live the Ultimate life - then you need to check that out!

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Episode 13: Jools on preparing your body for layouts

April 3rd, 2013

Jools Murray

This weeks show is based on a question from Peter who, after hearing episode 10 on Strength and Conditioning with Jools Murray, emailed to ask the following question:

"Jools talked about how training should be functional in terms of how it applies to the sport situation. I'm interested in how this applies to laying out ... At my Uni team we've had a problem in the past with freshers seeing experienced players laying out, and suddenly being very keen to emulate that, sometimes with injurious results. There can also be a lot of pressure from experienced players to lay-out in important games (I'm sure most people have heard shouts of "Lay it!" from the sideline).

So ... my question is, how best can we prepare our bodies for laying out? How best can we teach beginners (and experienced players...) to lay out safely?"

Thanks Peter, that is a very true observation and a truly excellent question. So to help answer it I have dragged the lovely Jools back on the show!

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