Episode 25: UK Ultimate’s plan for the future

June 26th, 2013

UK Ultimate logoThis week I talk to the legend that is Simon Hill, CEO of UK Ultimate. We chat about UK Ultimate's strategic plan and the future of Ultimate in the UK.

UK Ultimate is the national governing for our sport in the UK and Si is the driving force behind it. Si is also chair of the WFDF Ultimate committee as well as on the Rules, Spirit and championships for WFDF! Oh, and he plays too.

In this episode though we talk about UK Ultimate. Why the organisation exists, what it does and the existing goals laid out in the new UK Ultimate strategic plan.

Listen to hear Si explain the full details and find out how to get involved!

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Episode 24: Matalan Sporting Promise and Community Clubs

June 19th, 2013

MATALAN Sporting PromiseToday I'm welcoming Liam Kelly from UK Ultimate back on the show to talk about an exciting new part of the "Matalan Sporting Promise", supported by Sport England, called "Community Clubs".

The "Matalan Sporting Promise" provides a frame work for non–traditional sports, such as Ultimate, to be introduced into schools to create opportunities for young people to take part and become a part of something new or different. Ultimate has been part of this program in England since it started 3 years ago; during that time over a thousand schools have been exposed to Ultimate in some way!

The "Community Clubs" is a pilot for a new scheme to augment the schools program by building local community sporting clubs.

Listen to hear Liam explain more plus how you can follow along and get involved!

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Episode 23: Brew & Maddox from GB U23 Mixed

June 12th, 2013

This year there are 15 GB teams representing UK Ultimate in 4 major international tournaments - including the "WFDF World U23s Championships".

All this means there is a huge amount of training, time and money being put in by a large number of the best UK players - and a lot of stories to hear!

This episode is the next in a series where we are talking to representatives from as many of these GB teams as possible.

So lets meet John Maddox & Hannah Brew from GB U23 Mixed; they will be travelling to Toronto in July for the "WFDF World U23s Championships". We chat about the selection process, team training and the build up to Toronto.

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Episode 22: Patrick on Beach Ultimate Loving #ECBU2013

June 5th, 2013

Patrick van der Valk Ultimate Frisbee legendMy guest this week is Patrick van der Valk, President of BULA (Beach Ultimate Lovers Association) and one of the main guys behind the European Championships of Beach Ultimate happening this June in sunny Spain. He started playing Ultimate in 1979 and is an absolute legend of the game - especially on the beach. Patrick is also a WFDF board member and believes passionately in Spirit of the Game, so much so that he is chair of WFDF's spirit committee.

Patrick talks about his journey through Ultimate over the years, his special love of Beach Ultimate and the story behind the huge European Championships of Beach Ultimate on 27-30 June 2013 in Calafell, Spain; where there are over 70 teams competing!

He also describes the plans for an amazing live, online experience of the tournament for those of us that can't be there.

Links mentioned in this show:European Ultimate Championships of Beach Ultimate logo

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