This year there are 15 GB teams representing UK Ultimate in 4 major international tournaments - including the "WFDF World U23s Championships".

All this means there is a huge amount of training, time and money being put in by a large number of the best UK players - and a lot of stories to hear!

This episode is the next in a series where we are talking to representatives from as many of these GB teams as possible.

So lets meet John Maddox & Hannah Brew from GB U23 Mixed; they will be travelling to Toronto in July for the "WFDF World U23s Championships". We chat about the selection process, team training and the build up to Toronto.

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A small disclaimer: as well as hosting this show (UTalkRaw) I also hold volunteer posts helping out the GB U23 program and on the UK Ultimate oversight committee. However, UTalkRaw is completely separate from the GB program and UK Ultimate - nothing said here is official in any way. This is an unedited, off the cuff conversation, so do be kind to us :)

This podcast ends with the song Poor St. John by Joe Marson & The Satisfied Mind, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.