What is a podcast?

A podcast is simply an MP3 audio file, produced on a regular basis, which you can listen to over the internet by visiting a website or by subscribing. When you subscribe to a podcast, the new episode will automatically be available to you whenever it is produced.

This makes it possible for you to enjoy your favourite podcasts anywhere you like and at a time that is most convenient to you.

And it's all free!

To subscribe to our podcast you will need to download some software that manages all of your podcast subscriptions. When connected to the internet, the software can download the latest episode ready for you to listen. This means that you don't have to manually search for new episodes to download from our website. It happens automatically! Listen to what you want, when you want it.

What do I need?

You will need a device that has access to the internet – so as you are reading this it seems you have that covered! To listen to the shows when you’re out and about you’ll need any brand of MP3 player or a smartphone.

Finally you'll need to download some free Podcasting software – like iTunes - also known as RSS feed reader which will manage your podcasts for you. To use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts you will need to register with Apple, but you do not have to sign up for any emails and it's completely free.

Most podcasting software is available to download for free, including Apple's iTunes Software - (download iTunes here). There are plenty of other free Podcasting Apps for your computer or phone; just search the apps directory or market place. You simply need to cut and paste the RSS feed supplied into your software. Here is the link for our RSS feed.

Do I need an iPod?

You don't actually need a smartphone, portable MP3 player or an iPod to listen to our podcast unless you want to hear them on the move. Any personal computer will do, as long as it has a soundcard, some speakers or a pair of headphones and an internet connection. The advantage of transferring the podcast onto a portable player is that you can then listen to them on the move.

How else can I listen to your podcasts?

You can listen to our podcasts by visiting UTalkRaw.com, where each episode of the podcast has a dedicated Show Notes page; with summary, photographs and links to relevant sites.