UTalkRaw is a podcast or an internet radio show.   It's a series of unscripted, relaxed chats with interesting people in the Ultimate Frisbee community. Basically I get to chat to cool people, geek out about Ultimate, record the conversation and share it with you!

I speak to the movers and shakers in the organisations that make Ultimate happen, individuals who volunteer their spare time and those that get paid to spend their time on and with the sport that we all love.

You can listen in or subscribe using iTunes (search for UTalkRaw) or a podcast app (using the feed) on a phone or any other device and liven up the daily commute, training runs or whenever there are a spare few moments.

Please do remember everything is unscripted.  These folks have kindly allowed me to record an off the cuff conversation;  please be kind to them in return.

Feedback welcome