Jools Murray

This weeks show is based on a question from Peter who, after hearing episode 10 on Strength and Conditioning with Jools Murray, emailed to ask the following question:

"Jools talked about how training should be functional in terms of how it applies to the sport situation. I'm interested in how this applies to laying out ... At my Uni team we've had a problem in the past with freshers seeing experienced players laying out, and suddenly being very keen to emulate that, sometimes with injurious results. There can also be a lot of pressure from experienced players to lay-out in important games (I'm sure most people have heard shouts of "Lay it!" from the sideline).

So ... my question is, how best can we prepare our bodies for laying out? How best can we teach beginners (and experienced players...) to lay out safely?"

Thanks Peter, that is a very true observation and a truly excellent question. So to help answer it I have dragged the lovely Jools back on the show!

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This is a slightly longer episode than normal, hopefully the amazing information Jools is providing makes it worthwhile. Please do get in touch with feedback or other questions you would like to hear discussed on UTalkRaw.

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This podcast ends with the song Don't Let Me Fall by The Relatives, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.