Felix ShardlowThis episode is a little different. I have invited Felix Shardlow back on the show and we discuss 8 simple things that will make you a better Ultimate coach.

For our purposes a "coach" is anyone who organises or runs training sessions for an Ultimate team or club of any level; you could be the captain, training coordinator, team coach or just the guy or gal who gets landed with the job of running training.

Now many of you will (or indeed should) be familiar with advice such as plan-do-review or attended coaching courses so we will not be discussing much of that; we have assumed you are already planning your training sessions, writing things down and so on. Instead we have tried to identify some of those little tips and tricks which are easy to implement and could have a huge impact on your coaching!

I hope that if you are a coach that you will find it fun and interesting. Please do get in touch if you think we have missed something vital or if you disagree with anything we say!

PS If you haven't yet listened to episode 9 where Felix explains how he combines coaching, videos, events and playing to live the Ultimate life - then you need to check that out!

This podcast ends with the song In You I'm Lost by Plastic Flowers, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.