UltimateRob.jpgThis episode I have the huge pleasure of welcoming "Ultimate Rob" on to the show. I'm really excited about this interview and I hope you find it interesting too.

Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor living in Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate frisbee, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 9 World Records (which includes 2 Guinness World Records) and has won 3 World Championships. Rob founded ultimaterob.com in 2009.

Listen out for a UTalkRaw exclusive scoop in this episode!  We are delighted to have Rob share some news with UTalkRaw before anyone else...

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PS: Visit http://www.ultimaterobstore.com if you need a clue on Robs announcement!

This podcast ends with the song Tomorrow Sets You Free by Driftback, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.