Dan Stork Roddick and Cribber USA Ultimate Hall of FameThis week I am honoured to have Dan 'Stork' Roddick on the show. Dan is one of the great pioneers of all disc sports. 

After discovering the original "flying saucer" at age 5 he later was the MVP of the first college Ultimate game in 72; on that famous parking lot in New Jersey. Between '75 and '92 Dan was "Director of Sports Promotion" at Wham-O, where he had a huge impact on the growth of Ultimate and all disc sports. He is credited with framing the "Spirit of the Game"; still a fundamental aspect of our sport. Dan Stork Roddick playing Ultimate Frisbee in 1972

Dan, very deservedly, has a place in USA Ultimate's Hall of Fame - though he has also had a been instrumental outside the US - for example he helped to found the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF).

I could spend forever listing Dan's achievements and impact on our sport over the last 40 plus years, basically he is an absolute Frisbee legend and it is a great honour to have him on UTalkRaw. 

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